A key part of the Seismic Risk Management Plan (SRMP) is the demolition of the Block C building which currently houses the Renal department. To enable this, a new, purpose built Renal facility will be built on David Street. The new building is a single storey, timber building of approximately 800m2 and will have a distinctly non-clinical feel in comparison to the existing department. The building will target Net Zero Energy Certification, meaning that the total energy use over a year will be neutral. This will be achieved by reducing the energy consumption and utilising roof mounted solar panels to generate energy. A pedestrian connection will link the Renal Unit to the main Base Hospital campus.

Renal Unit sustainability

Key sustainability features include:

Renal artist's impressions

The below images are artist's impressions only and subject to change

1) Renal main entrance. 2) Renal reception. 3) Renal staff entrance. 4) Renal treatment bays.

Renal floor plan

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