Te Pā Harakeke Māori Health and Equity Directorate

Nau mai e te ao awatea. Ūhia mai tō hā ki tēnei mauri ora
Welcome to the light of the new day. May your presence and potential enhance this living being.

- Dr. Te Huirangi Waikerepuru

Kupu Whakataki | Introduction

Piki Tū, Piki Kaha, Piki Ora, Ko Pīpiko Tēnei

The purpose of Te Pā Harakeke Māori Health and Equity Directorate is to support and facilitate the achievement of Pae Ora – healthy futures for whānau. This purpose will be achieved by doing the basics brilliantly to make accelerated and accumulative progress towards outcomes that matter to Māori.

The name Te Pā Harakeke draws inspiration from the analogy of a flax bush, the interconnectedness of relationships, nurturing and caring, and of people working together to achieve better health outcomes for Māori.

Pou Hāpai Service | Te Whatu Ora Taranaki Whānau Engagement and Experience Team

Pou Hāpai Vision Statement:

Empowering Whānau: Ensuring that each individual within our care feels supported, uplifted, and empowered.

At the core of Te Pā Harakeke Māori Health and Equity Directorate lies our Pou Hāpai Service. For all inquiries regarding patient and whānau support, cultural support, or whaiora bookings, please contact us at MaoriHealth.Referrals@tdhb.org.nz or 027 281 2017 during regular business hours.

Hāwera Hospital also offers Pou Hāpai support. If you need assistance from Pou Hāpai in Hāwera, please use the current service contact details.

In addition, Pou Hāpai are rostered and available for after-hours support.

Contact us

Te Pa Harakeke is located near David Street. View Base Hospital maps.
Email: maorihealth.referrals@tdhb.org.nz
Phone: 027 281 2017 or 06 753 6139

Ko wai Mātou | Te Pā Harakeke Profiles

Tāhūhū Rangapū
Chief Māori Health and Equity Officer
Tanya Anaha
waea: (06) 753 6139 | īmēra: tanya.anaha@tdhb.org.nz 

Poutoko Hauora
Māori Health and Equity Services Manager | Cultural Practice Manager
Tamati Neho
waea: (06) 753 6139 | īmēra: tamati.neho@tdhb.org.nz 

Pou Haumanu
Māori Health and Equity Lead – First 2000 Days | VIP
Toni Nepia
waea: (06) 753 6139 | īmēra: toni.nepia@tdhb.org.nz 

Pou Haumanu
Māori Health and Equity Lead - Cancer and Immunisations
Eileen Hall
waea: (06) 753 6139 | īmēra: eileen.hall@tdhb.org.nz

Pou Haumanu
Whānau Engagement and Experience Lead (Pou Hāpai Service)
Geraldine Te Au
waea pūkoro: 027 281 2017 | īmēra: Geraldine.teau@tdhb.org.nz

Pou Mātanga
Māori Health and Equity Clinical Nurse Specialist - Manaaki Mana (E.D)
Piki Mathieson
waea: (06) 753 6139 | īmēra: piki.mathieson@tdhb.org.nz

Pou Ārahi
Māori Health and Equity Directorate Administrator
Kath Hawe
waea: (06) 753 6139 | īmēra: maorihealth.referrals@tdhb.org.nz

Whaiora | Short-stay accommodation

Whaiora is short-stay accommodation available in New Plymouth for whānau visiting patients in hospital. Length of stay should not exceed three days unless a review is conducted on the third day, allowing for potential extensions. Whānau must park outside Whaiora during staff car park hours (7:30am - 5:00pm). Security guards will perform three nightly checks to ensure the security tags on the building are intact. Zero tolerance policy for alcohol and drugs. Designated smoking area is located on the road – David Street.

Te Kurarau

The “Te Kurarau" motif was developed under the guidance of Te Reo o Taranaki by local artist; the late BJ Hetet, Glen Skipper and Rumātiki Timu. Te Kurarau promotes the unity and sacredness of the Taranaki health community, and literally translates to “the many treasures” Te Kurarau represents the following:

  • symbolic of the three parts of the kāranga “Piki tū, piki kaha, piki ora”
  • appears in sets of three strands, symbolic of the three “raukura” (albatross feathers), prominent in Taranaki
  • symbolic of the trinity father, mother and child representing unity of whānau / family across generations
  • incorporates the three waka of the iwi of Taranaki
  • signifies unification of people and cultures into a higher quality of life.

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