Disability Access

At Taranaki Base and Hāwera hospitals if you have a disability, we have a number of features and services available to help you feel at ease. Our disability services extend to your support person(s), family/whanau and visitors. Additionally the recently-opened acute services building at Taranaki Base Hospital was designed with the help of people with disabilities and incorporates a number of access features. If you are looking for information about your rights when using a health and disability service or other general information visit the Health and Disability Commissioner's website.

Plan your visit

If you have a disability and you are likely to require extra help during your hospital admission or at your outpatient appointment, please plan your visit. We suggest you telephone prior to your arrival and ask to be directed to the relevant service so that you and staff can plan for your individual needs.
Taranaki Base Hospital 06 753 6139
Hāwera Hospital 06 278 7109  

Drop-off zone

Drop-off zones for patients and visitors are available at the main entrances of both hospitals. We encourage you to use the drop off zones and then park in the main car park areas.

  • At Taranaki Base Hospital drop-off parking is available at the entrance nearest to the Tukapa Street entrance and at the main entrance (see map below)
  • At Hāwera Hospital a drop off zone is at the front of the hospital.

Drop off spots

Mobility parking

Taranaki Base Hospital
Taranaki Base Hospital has designated parking spaces for people with mobility parking passes. Look for the dark blue parks on our Parking Map which are available in key areas within the hospital.
Click here to to view the map
(PDF 99KB)

Hāwera Hospital
Hāwera Hospital has five designated parking spaces for people with mobility parking passes. Two are located at the front of the hospital, one by the Mental Health entrance, one by the Emergency Department and one by the Inpatient Ward.

Click here to view the map (PDF 37KB)

Ramped access

At Taranaki Base Hospital access from the main visitors’ car park is via a ramped walkway which has a gradual gradient, landings and handrails on both sides.

Public counter

The public counter is staffed between 8am-4.30pm (Taranaki Base Hospital) and 7.30am – 4.30pm (Hāwera Hospital). Outside of office hours please use the telephone on the wall and call “O’ for operator assistance.


Wheelchairs are located at the main entrances. If you need a wheelchair and none are available, please ask a volunteer or receptionist. Outside of office hours, please use the telephone adjacent to reception to phone the operator on “0” and an orderly will be arranged to assist you.


“Meet and Greet” volunteers are available to assist you at the main and maternity entrances at Taranaki Base Hospital on Monday to Fridays between 9am-11.30am and 1pm-3pm.


At Taranaki Base Hospital the lifts in the new Acute Services Block have voice alert systems. If you require assistance with lifts, please ask at the front entrance reception desk.

Accessible toilets

Taranaki Base Hospital

Accessible toilet facilities are located in a number of buildings. Some accessible toilets are available 24/7 and others are open during business hours only. Accessible toilets are also located within The Acute Services Block wards for patients and ward visitors.
Click here to view the locations of accessible toilets
(PDF 111KB)

Hāwera Hospital

Hāwera Hospital has accessible toilets in the Outpatient Department, by main reception, in the Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy department, and outside the café.

Taranaki Base Hospital Acute Services Block

The medical, surgical, orthopaedic and rehabilitation wards have been built with a number of design features aimed to improve the experience and independence of people with disabilities. Examples:

  • All wards have a number of larger single rooms with ensuites and space for your mobility equipment.
  • Four bedded rooms have an ensuite plus a separate toilet.
  • Ensuites are accessible with level access showers and hand rails
  • Status boards in patients’ rooms to identify patient’s needs
  • Some rooms are equipped with ceiling hoists
  • Hand rails in corridors
  • Spacious family/whānau rooms in each ward with tea/coffee facilities

Friends of the Emergency Department (FEDS)

If you are in the Emergency Department at Taranaki Base hospital FEDs (volunteers) are available to assist you with non-medical needs between 10am-10pm.

Dining facilities

Wheelchair accessible dining facilities are available in the cafes. If you require assistance please ask at the counter.

Companion dogs

Disabled people using appropriately certified canines as aides have access to hospital facilities.

Amigo T5 hearing device  

If you are hard of hearing please request the Amigo hearing device for your appointment. The Amigo consists of a small microphone worn by a health professional and a set of discreet headphones worn by you. Please telephone the service in advance to arrange this equipment.

Sign language interpreters

Please let us know in advance if you require this service when you are accessing care at Taranaki DHB. Local sign language communicators can be arranged to help with interpretation for the deaf.

  1. If a qualified Sign language interpreter is required we have the following options to offer
    Video Remote Interpreting (VRI).  This service consists of access to a qualified sign language interpreter via Skype. Please let us know if you require this service and we can make a booking for you.
  2. We can request the services of a face to face sign language interpreter if this is required.

Please let us know if you require theses services and your preferred choice of interpreter can be added to your medical record so that staff are aware of your needs.

Health passport

A Health passport is a booklet that you carry with you when attending hospitals or other providers of health and disability services. A Health passport contains information about how you want people to communicate with you and support you.

Link to Health Passport: www.hdc.org.nz/disability/my-health-passport


Information provided in partnership with the Taranaki DHB Disability Action Group


Last updated: Tuesday, October 1, 2019

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