Taranaki Cancer Centre sustainable design achievement

26 March 2024

In line with the commitment by Health New Zealand | Te Whatu Ora to sustainability, the Taranaki Cancer Centre has achieved a 5 Green Star New Zealand Excellence design rating from the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC).

The NZGBC design review rating was awarded last month.

Construction of the centre began in October 2023, once site preparations − which included demolishing an old laundry building − were complete.

When finished, the state-of-the-art facility will transform the way people with cancer in Taranaki receive their treatment. All the region’s oncology services will be under one roof, including treatment provided by a new linear accelerator (LINAC) machine.

The LINAC machine, which uses radiation to destroy cancer cells while leaving surrounding tissue undamaged, will be a first for Taranaki. Its installation will mean about 80% of Taranaki cancer patients will no longer need to travel to Palmerston North to receive treatment.

“We’re thrilled the Taranaki Cancer Centre has received this certification from the NZGBC,” says Gillian Campbell, Health New Zealand senior responsible officer for the project.

“We’re proud of the building’s design and the way it puts the needs of our patients and staff at the forefront while also ensuring our commitment to sustainability is realised,” says Campbell.

“We set out to create a facility that is fit for purpose and provides healthy, comfortable, and sustainable spaces, while also managing to minimise its direct impact on the environment, wherever possible. The building’s design elements have all been well considered, from the building materials right through to its water use.”

In 2023 the New East Wing Building, also under construction at the hospital, has also achieved the same 5 Green Star certified design rating.

A 5 Green Star certification shows a building meets best practice sustainable design and build benchmarks via a transparent, robust, and independent assessment. Involvement in the scheme demonstrates a sense of social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and a desire to embrace an innovative approach to the construction of Aotearoa New Zealand’s infrastructure.

To receive a Green Star rating, the Taranaki Cancer Centre’s design was assessed against 28 different criteria. The result was a high score, leading to the 5 Green Star New Zealand Excellence rating. The highest possible rating is 6, indicating world leadership in construction sustainability.

“Health NZ is proud to be leading the way for health facilities with these two certifications,” says Campbell.

“We know that both the Taranaki Cancer Centre and the New East Wing Building are going to make a remarkable difference to the delivery of 21st-century models of healthcare to the Taranaki community.”

Last updated: Tuesday, March 26, 2024

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