Te Whatu Ora issues warning to Taranaki vape retailers

25 October 2022

Public health staff in Taranaki are urging retailers to comply with vaping regulations after five premises were caught selling vaping products to minors.

In September Te Whatu Ora National Public Health Service Taranaki ran controlled purchase operations (CPOs) on 16 retailers.

Carly Stevenson, Taranaki Smokefree Enforcement Officer says five of the retailers breached the Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products Act by selling vaping products to a child aged under 18 years of age.

"This is the second time that two of the five retailers who sold to minors have failed a CPO since 1 July 2022," said Stevenson.

"Every time a retailer breaches the regulations they are referred to the Ministry of Health who issue an infringement notice and a $500 fine. Retailers who breach for a third time could face prosecution."

The five retailers who failed during the September operation were Vogeltown Vape Lounge, Sweet Temptations, Nolantown Dairy, Sunshine Dairy’s Vape2Go, and High Street Vape.

Stevenson said a total of 56 premises in Taranaki have been visited as part of CPOs since July.

"Te Whatu Ora would like to thank the retailers who continue to comply with the legislation. For those that are ignoring the rules the message is simple.

"We will continue to enforce the regulations and we will continue to refer you to the Ministry of Health for further action."

"Vaping products are for people who smoke as way to quit. Young people and others who don’t smoke should not vape. Most vaping products contain nicotine which is addictive, and people can become addicted to vaping because of this.

"For smokers, switching to vaping is less harmful than continuing to smoke, non-smokers who take up vaping are risk harming their health."


For more information on compliance with the Smokefree Environments and Regulated Products Act 1990 or to discuss concerns about retailers selling tobacco or vape products to minors (under 18’s), please contact Te Whatu Ora National Public Health Service Taranaki on 06 753 7798. Alternatively, you can lodge a complaint regarding vaping with the Vaping Regulatory Authority on the Ministry of Health website.


Last updated: Wednesday, October 26, 2022

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