Helping yourself and others after a traumatic event

Taranaki District Health Board

19 March 2019

Just as hospital staff are dealing with the traumatic events in Christchurch last week, many others in the Taranaki community will be too.

“Its really important people look after themselves and each other at this time”, says Rosemary Clements, Taranaki DHB Chief Executive.

“Feeling on edge and upset right now is a completely normal reaction. Disasters and big shocks take a toll on all of us, and coping is not always easy. You may have trouble sleeping, feel tense or irritable, or find yourself having repeated thoughts of the event, or images of what you saw. 

“These kinds of feelings and symptoms are part of our normal reaction to a traumatic event, and for most people they pass over several days or weeks. Spend time with people you love and talk about how you’re feeling.
“Remember those vulnerable people in our community too – connect with neighbours, older people and those who live alone.  Be kind to one another – kindness is contagious,” says Mrs Clements.

There are several resources to help people in our community through this difficult time. If you want to talk to a trained counsellor, you can phone or text 1737 to be put through to a counsellor any time of the day or night. This is a free service for everyone, New Zealand wide.

The Ministry of Health has also developed two resources to assist those in mental distress from the traumatic events in Christchurch. It highlights the symptoms of stress and what can help recovery. There is also advice on supporting your children after a traumatic event.

View link - Mental health advice for coping after a traumatic event

For more information please call Beth Findlay-Heath -Senior Communications Advisor 021 665 017



Last updated: Tuesday, March 19, 2019

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