Nurse Entry to Practice (NETP) / New Entry to Specialist Programmes (NESP)

Taranaki District Health Board warmly welcomes applications for our Nurse Entry to Practice (NETP) and New Entry to Specialist (NESP) Programmes. The Taranaki nursing team is proud of the high quality nursing care provided to the Taranaki public and welcome new graduate nurses to join the strong and supportive team of nurses. As a nursing team we value innovative nursing care that uses evidence based knowledge and care delivered with compassion.

The NETP and NESP Programmes accommodate nursing graduates both within the hospital and primary care settings. The aim of the programmes is to provide graduate registered nurses support and professional development to facilitate their transition during their first year of practice. Upon completion of the year, nursing graduates will meet competencies and standards of practice in order to progress to competent level on the Professional Development and Recognition programme (PDRP) determined by the Nursing Council of New Zealand and Taranaki DHB.


Taranaki DHB currently recruits nursing students who have completed and passed their New Zealand state final examinations, from around New Zealand. Taranaki DHB has one intake per year commencing in January. The number of places on the NETP/NESP programmes varies based on protected roles and vacancies across the DHB. Graduates will be informed of their clinical area prior to commencement as per the ACE process. The positions are a 13 month contract with the final month overlapping with the next year’s intake and FTE ranging from 0.8-1.0.


If you are a New Zealand (NZ) trained registered nurse who has completed a Bachelor of Nursing in NZ (or are about to), we invite you to apply via Advanced Choice or Employment (ACE). To be eligible to apply to ACE the following criteria applies:

NETP applicants:

  • either be a NZ or Australian citizen or hold a Permanent Resident Visa or a Returning Resident Visa
  • be in the final year of a Bachelor of Nursing (BN) degree approved by the Nursing Council of New Zealand (NCNZ) leading to registration as a RN or be awarded a BN degree approved by the NCNZ leading to registration as a RN no longer than 24 months before starting on a NETP/NESP programme
  • you must have completed your BN degree in NZ and have passed your state final exam no more than two years prior to starting on a NETP/NESP programme. You therefore have up to four opportunities to apply via ACE provided you still meet all eligibility criterions each time you apply
  • you must have not practiced as a NZ RN continuously (full time 0.8FTE or more) for longer than six months before starting on the NETP programme.

NESP applicants:

  • applicants must be a New Zealand citizen or hold a New Zealand permanent resident visa.
  • applicants must meet the requirements of the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003 (HPCA Act) and have a current Nursing Council of New Zealand Practicing Certificate.
  • applicants must be supported by their DHB or organisation to take part in the programme.
  • existing nurses new to mental health will normally be working full-time or at least 0.6 full time equivalent (24 hours a week) within publicly funded mental health and addiction services.
  • new graduate nurses must be working a minimum of 0.7 full time equivalent (28 hours a week).
  • participants must meet the training provider's criteria for eligibility to study at this level

Please indicate and be specific in your cover letter which area/specialty you are applying for.

Orientation / clinical workload sharing

Our priority at Taranaki DHB is to ensure new graduates feel supported and welcomed. NETP graduates are welcomed with a Powhiri at the beginning of their orientation. An introduction to the DHB and the NETP programme is facilitated in the first week. Following on from this week graduates will be orientated to their clinical area by their senior clinical nursing team and preceptor. It is anticipated that graduates will complete clinical workload sharing within 4-6 weeks of starting their clinical placement.


NETP/NESP registered nurses will have preceptor support for the duration of the programme. Preceptors are experienced registered nurses who have undertaken relevant Preceptor training. Preceptors will work closely with the NETP/NESP registered nurse to assist them with the application of knowledge, clinical reasoning and skill development providing constructive feedback, and facilitating critical and reflective practice to enable further practice development.  

NETP/NESP registered nurses will share a clinical load with their preceptor/s up to a total of 30 clinical days.

Post graduate opportunities

Taranaki DHB offers a post graduate paper within the NETP programme and the NESP programme entails two papers resulting in a post graduate certificate (in Mental Health) with the completion of the programme.

Professional development and recognition programme (PDRP)

The Professional Development Recognition Programme for nurses (PDRP) is a professional development programme designed to recognise and reward nurses for their individual level of practice and their contribution to nursing. Taranaki DHB supports NETP/NESP registered nurses to complete their PDRPs as part of their programmes. Graduates enter the PDRP as beginning practitioners however at the end of their NETP/NESP programme graduates will have demonstrated competent nursing practice - the next level on the PDRP.

For more information regarding the PDRP please see the Professional Development Recognition Programme page.


There is a hostel at Taranaki Base Hospital available for staff and students. Please contact Graeme Watts for further information

Download our hostel brochure here (PDF 440 KB)


We welcome your enquiries and have a dedicated NETP/NESP coordinator who has oversight of the new graduate nurse clinical placements and can assist with your queries. You are welcome to visit and experience first-hand the friendly nursing team.

For further details on the NESP programme please visit the Te Pou website:

For more information please contact:
Amber Shepherd
NETP/NESP Coordinator/ Nurse Educator
Phone: 06 753 6139 ext 8999
Mobile: 027 261 6526

The following areas are likely to recruit NETP/NESP graduates for January 2022 (estimate numbers):


  • OPHRS/Stroke Unit (3)
  • Paediatrics (2)
  • General surgical and urology (4)
  • Orthopaedics and gynaecology (3)
  • General Medicine (6)
  • Emergency Department (3)
  • ICU/HDU/CCU (2)
  • Neonatal Unit (1)
  • Maternity Post-Natal (1)
  • Rural Health at Hawera Hospital (2)
  • Day ward (1)
  • Theatre (2)
  • Renal Unit (1)
  • Primary Health Care (1)


  • Acute Mental Health – inpatient setting (6)

Start date for 2022: Late January

Last updated: Friday, October 8, 2021

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