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22 September 2011
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Bishops Action Foundation

The Bishops Action Foundation has been asked to lead the patient and public engagement for the project. They will undertake an independent assessment of patient and public views on current and future health service delivery in South Taranaki. This will include meeting with individuals and groups from across the area and providing the DHB with a report on key themes.

Taranaki DHB Public Health unit is developing a population health profile. This is the first time that data relating specifically to health needs in South Taranaki has been collated in this way. The health profile data will add to our understanding of the current situation and how health services are accessed by the South Taranaki community.

Medicine and health in general is changing all the time, nationally and internationally. The way in which services are provided needs to change for the whole of Taranaki, including South Taranaki. Taranaki DHB is committed to providing better, sooner, more convenient health care, within the resources available.

This project will consider how South Taranaki people access the vast range of services required to meet their health needs. The goal is to design future services that are provided by appropriately skilled staff, making good use of technology and equipment in the best locations for patients.

Taranaki DHB is therefore working with others to look at all health care services provided to the people of South Taranaki with the intention of ensuring that:

  • Future service design results in the same or better quality of care
  • The right care is delivered at the right time in the right setting
  • The best use is made of all health sector resources

Taranaki DHB is committed to keeping the community informed of progress and will publish monthly updates on our website and in the South Taranaki Star.

Jackie Broughton

Jackie Broughton, formerly a Community Development Adviser with the South Taranaki District Council, is managing this project.

Jackie was born in Hawera and has whakapapa to Ngati Ruanui, Nga Rauru & Nga Ruahine. She grew up in Eltham, attending the Primary School there with High School years in Stratford.

She has worked in kindergartens, primary and high schools across the South Taranaki region and has worked as a Drug, Alcohol & Smoking Cessation coordinator at Ruanui Health. She has also worked at the South Taranaki District Council as a Community Development Advisor before taking up her role with the Taranaki DHB, shifting to New Plymouth in 2009.

Jackie has been involved in and managed the initial set up of many successful projects eg. Computers in Homes, ETOWN, Human Powered vehicles, Patea Youth Development.

“Most of my family and friends still reside in South Taranaki so I want to see something good come out of this so they get the best healthcare support possible,” said Jackie.

Chief Executive Comment

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