What is the scholarship programme?

Professionals in the Taranaki Region by providing financial support during their academic years. The focus for the programme has been those health professions where there are known critical shortages. From an applicant perspective we identify applicants from rural locations, low decile secondary schools and those who identify as Maori. This ensures we have a demographic mix representative of the Taranaki region. There are two types of awards that are made annually:

  1. A financial award of up to $2,500 for the duration of the undergraduate degree that is subject to the recipient completing a minimum of a three week work experience placement, normally in their summer break.  These offer students an opportunity to learn on the job within the health sector and practice the knowledge they gain through their studies. Building relationships with managers and their staff increase their networks and create mentors for them.

  2. A one-off financial award of $750 for that year of study only meaning the recipient must re-apply to the scholarship programme the following year.

Applying for a Taranaki DHB scholarship

Applications for the TDHB Health Education Scholarship Programme 2019 are now open. Click here to commence your application, ensuring you attach all relevant documentation – Letter, CV, references and academic transcripts.

What recipients say about the scholarship programme?

Since 2001 the Taranaki DHB has supported many students studying in a range of specialities and a majority of these students have returned to Taranaki to commence their career in the health sector.  Here is how recipients view the benefits of the scholarship programme:

"Being a recipient of this scholarship has allowed me to experience the daily physiotherapy practise within Taranaki DHB and to use and develop my theoretical knowledge in a practical sense. The support and opportunities that I have received from Taranaki DHB and physiotherapy department has cemented and inspired my passion for physiotherapy and my future career."

Mechaela Major, Physiotherapy
Tertiary Provider: AUT

"Having lived in Taranaki my whole life, Taranaki DHB has been my ultimate goal of a workplace since beginning my nursing studies. Through the support of the Taranaki DHB scholarship, my final year of study was made financially easier. The interactions I have had through the Taranaki DHB scholarship has also aided me in helping meet future employers and co-workers, which I believe has been beneficial in myself gaining a job a  new graduate nurse this year at Taranaki DHB."

Leah Chilcott, Nursing
Tertiary Provider: WITT

"Having the opportunity to be a recipient for one of few district health board scholarships has assisted me in my personal growth, confidence and has given me financial stability as a student, profession in the health industry and future occupational therapist. This program has kept me challenged, engrossed in new learning opportunities within the occupational therapy field and as a second-year student has supported me in my university funds and learning as I am involved with applying my current skill base into practice. I have a real sense of belonging within the Taranaki DHB environment and I feel this will assist me in becoming the OT I strive to be."

Gracie Harris, Occupational Therapy
Tertiary Provider: Otago Polytechni

Who are the current recipients of scholarships?

Congratulations to all recipients of a Taranaki District Health Board Health Education Scholarship for 2018:

2018 Scholarship Recipient List

Recipient Specialty
Brooke Coxhead Oral Health
Huia Brady Nursing
Grace Harris Occupational Therapy
Mechaela Major Physiotherapy
Irie Schimanski Clinical Psychology
Bree-Anna Langton Medicine
Savannah Brown Nursing
Natasha Hutchieson Midwifery
Emma Hau Midwifery
Te Wai Tamati Dental Surgery
Drew Davey Medicine
Eden Florence Medicine
Matthew Cod Medicine
Ken Hau Medicine
Michaela Healey Medical Imaging
Corina Freebarn Nursing
Kayla Hemara-Wahanui Nursing
Renee Graystone Nursing
Ojay Bailey Nursing
Lily McKay Nursing
Nicole Jordan Oral Health
Lauren Ward Oral Health
Ariana Kereopa Pharmacy
Jacinta Seed Physiotherapy
Katie Linn Physiotherapy
Tami Cave Public Health
Grace Major Occupational Therapy


Other scholarships available:

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  • The Patea Centennial Bursary
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